Facial cleaner, soft silicone cleansing brush facial exfoliating instrument blackhead acne pore pad cradle cover facial cleansing brush is suitable for deep cleansing skin care.

Short Description:

[Very suitable for skin care] Washing the face with both hands is not effective and thorough enough. It’s easier to use our silicone exfoliating cream to deeply clean the face, remove cosmetic residues, dredge pores, reduce spots and remove blackheads, and create healthy and radiant skin.

[Exfoliation and Massage] This 2-in-1 silicone facial cleaning brush is designed with 2 different parts and 1 pad. Soft fine bristles are suitable for exfoliation and pore cleaning, while thicker contact points are used for massage to promote facial blood circulation.

[Safe and soft silica gel] The silica gel exfoliating device is made of food-grade silica gel material, and the bristles are soft and gentle, which will not harm the skin and is completely safe at the same time. Durable and long service life.

[Easy to grasp] The small suction force on the back of the silicone shaver makes it super easy to grasp between two fingers. After cleaning the face, rinse the cleanser brush and hang it on the suction cup on the glass or mirror to make it dry naturally and not easily fall off.

[Convenient and Ideal Gift] Here are 2 silicone cleansing brushes of different colors. They are very convenient, so you can take them with you, one for all creams and moisturizers, and the other for detergents. Give this functional small item as a gift to your love, mother and your girl.

Product Detail

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